Bottoms Up Scissor Table

A new twist on the perennial industry favorite–the Classic Scissor Table. Featuring sleek lines, the Bottoms Up Scissor Table boasts a new silhouette while offering the same benefits as the original version. The base of this table is collapsible, leading to easy transportation and quick set-ups and tear-downs that allow you to transform any space into an event space in the blink of an eye. Choose from our wide array of finishes and tabletop options to create the perfect look for your property.


Standard Sizes For Bottoms Up Scissor Table:

Diameter:  30, 36, 42, and 48″

Heights: 30, 36 and 42″

(Note: All measurements given in feet and inches. All measurements are approximate.)


  • Casters or wheels available
  • Flush or recessed tops
  • Glass, quartz, wood and fiber resin tops available
  • Custom sizes available

(Note: Frames and Table Tops are sold separately.)

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