About Us

Founded in 2003, Isinglass has been a fixture in the hospitality industry for nearly two decades, providing some of the finest properties around the globe with high-quality tables, back bars, serving stations, and display ware.

Isinglass' signature style derived from the use of kiln-fired architectural glass to create tabletop displayware that echoed the sun-drenched ripples of Isinglass Lake, a hidden gem in Canada where CEO and Founder Wayne Poe's family friend spent many a happy childhood summer. We've come a long way since then, expanding our line to include furniture and displayware in a wide variety of materials and styles.

Today, we proudly offer our customers a range of fully customizable options in wood, steel, glass, quartz, and fiber resin.  Most of our existing designs can be customized for size, finish, and material, and we specialize in creating custom pieces to suit your individual needs. Whether you are furnishing a hotel or restaurant, upgrading a vacation rental property, or redesigning an executive space, Isinglass has something for you.

At our core, Isinglass is a family-owned business and we take great pride in building strong, collaborative relationships with our customers. We believe that success means not only providing our customers with outstanding products and services but also establishing and fostering long-term partnerships. Our success will ultimately be measured by our clients choosing us because they trust our ability to exceed their expectations in service, quality, and innovation.

In other words, we view our customers like family and we can't wait for you to join.