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Aries Fan Shaped Table

The Aries Fan-Shaped Table

Elegant and classic tables that make a design statement. View Product.

The Scissor Table

Stylish versatility with customizable options. View Product.

Ice Chest

The Ice Chest Collection

Form and function combine to elevate your presentation. View Ice Chests.


Durable and versatile,
our tables can be customized
to fit any space.


Elevate your tablescapes
with our customizable
Vertical Displays.


Tie a room together with
our selection of customizable
seating options.

About Isinglass

Who we are.

With years of experience in the hospitality industry, we have provided some of the finest properties around the globe with furniture and displayware that is effortlessly elegant and custom-made to fit individual styles.

What we do.

We create commercial-grade pieces that are unique and versatile using materials that are as beautiful as they are durable. Every element is customizable, from size to design, from finishes to fixtures, in order to deliver exactly what you need.

How we're difFerent.

We believe that function and form go hand-in-hand and we are committed to providing the highest quality furniture with the highest quality service. We're family-owned, American-made, and designed in partnership with you.

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