Rise High With Vertical Displays

Let’s Get Vertical! 

This Piece Will Be Your “Wow!” Factor
Introducing Our Chrome Plated Porthole

Easy Maintenance 
Brilliant Sheen
Remarkable Look

The Porthole w/ Chrome Plated Frame

The Porthole w/ Chrome Plated Frame

Simply Beautiful – Beautifully Simple 


The Window Through The Window

The Key To Truly Distinct Presentations

The Cross Winds 

Cross Winds

The Cross Winds is designed for the display of taller items, because of it’s criss-cross shelves. Use this stunning piece to serve taller appetizers, or as striking room decor.

The Porthole


The Porthole is ideal for an in-room serving piece.
Serve pastries, fruits, and small plates of any kind.

Wind Through The Window


The Wind Through The Window is perfect for appetizers, small plates, fruits and cocktails. Use it as a chic room divider, too! 

The Empire

DP036 -The Empire

The Empire makes a striking back bar set up. 
Eye-catching, versatile and functional! 

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